3 Things to Know when Buying a Radar Detector

In case you’ve decided to buy a radar detector for your car, you have to consider some important aspects. A radar detector is a useful equipment that will help you avoid getting speeding tickets that will totally ruin your day. There are many models available on the market, and most of them have great features, but before buying a device that suits your needs, you have to do a little research. This will help you a lot in making the right choice so, in order to ease your task, we’ve selected the most important 3 things you should know before buying a radar detector.
3 Things to Know when Buying a Radar Detector Picture


It’s very important to know what type of radar detector you want for your car. There are three categories of devices to choose from: corded detectors which usually provide the best range of detection and they are among the most popular; cordless detectors which are a more practical solution because they are easy to install and they can be transported from one car to another if you have more cars; and remote-mount detectors which are permanently mounted to the vehicle but at the same time they are usually the most expensive.

3 Things to Know when Buying a Radar Detector Picture


This aspect is very important when you decide to buy a radar detector, because not knowing which bands it can detect, could make it totally useless. Therefore, check carefully the bands from your area and then see if the device is able to detect them. The most common bands are K, Ka, X, Pop3 Ka, and others. Also, there are some radar detectors that can detect laser speed guns, which are the latest devices used by policemen. This is why it’s very wise to make a prior research and then choose a radar detector that will be both efficient and accurate.
3 Things to Know when Buying a Radar Detector Picture


Range means the distance from which a radar detector can detect a radar speed gun and this is very important if you want to receive the alert as sooner as possible. Having a device with a wide range will give you the possibility to act sooner and in much safer conditions. Therefore, you have to look carefully at the specifications of the radar detector and search for those which are designed to maximize range capability. You surely don’t want a device which sends false alarms and has a low range.

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