Bath Towel Buying Guide

Bath towels are about style and function. After all, you will find a towel practical just when you use it and will also be decorative when you hang it on the towel rack. In order to help you choose the right option, we present you a bath towel buying guide.

Consider the fabric facts

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Most people choose the towel according to the type of cotton fiber because this has a huge impact on its color fastness, durability, and feel. As such, you can find on the market various towels with different textures such as the top 10 bamboo towels made of the finest bamboo fibers that are hypoallergenic and incredibly soft or the light and fluffy towels made of Egyptian cotton, Micro cotton, Pima, and Turkish cotton. All these towels will provide you with softness, great absorbency, and durability. Moreover, each of these towels has different features that you need to consider before you change your old towel. For example, if you opt for Egyptian or Pima cotton, you must know that a towel made from these two varieties of cotton will soak up water faster. They also are the most durable and luxurious towels. On the other hand, the microfiber towels are the most quick-drying towels but they are not the plushest feeling.

Made to last

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Once you have finished with the fiber of a towel, consider the construction, meaning how the yarn is made. The combed cotton was made for a stronger and more lustrous result, while the ring spun cotton has a smooth finish. Have you ever heard about a lower twist cotton? When a cotton has a lower twist means that it is plusher. Instead, with a higher twist, the towel will be more durable with a weighty feel. Furthermore, it good to know that if the towel has 2-ply means it is extremely durable, absorbent and dense.

Worth the weight

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Usually, the bath towel density is measured in grams per square meter which can vary between 300-900 and in GSM. If you will find towels with 400-600 GSM, you should know that those towels are a great medium-weight option. Moreover, they are ideal for bath, guest and even beach towels. Another option, it is to find 600-900 GSM towel which is some of the most luxurious items. They are dense, absorbent feel and heavy.

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