How Mold Affects Your Home and How You Can Get Rid of It

From all the possible household pests, mold seems to be the most annoying and stubborn that always comes back and refuses to go away no matter what measures you take. Not only is it unpleasant to see, but it also affects the quality and durability of your house and the items in it. Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of the nasty mold so if you notice it at home, you can try them and get rid of it for good.
How Mold Affects Your Home and How You Can Get Rid of It Picture

The effects of mold on your house

Almost every person has detected mold in their house at some point because it’s likely to develop in homes with excessive humidity or sudden changes of temperature. You can find it on walls, floors, carpets, behind the furniture, and even on pieces of furniture. Once it comes out, it starts to ruin the aspect and durability of the affected item. The paint on the walls starts to peel off, windows and doors crack, the floors start to swell, wooden pieces of furniture lose their shine and start to swell, and fabrics are covered with dark spots and start to smell bad. The overall result is unpleasant to see and tempers with the quality and resistance of the items in time. In case molds starts affecting your house, here is how you can fix it.
How Mold Affects Your Home and How You Can Get Rid of It Picture

The dehumidifier is the best solution

First of all, you have to detect the source, which is likely to be excessive moisture that creates mold spores that spread quickly. The best solution for adjusting the air moisture is the dehumidifier that absorbs water from the air until humidity reaches normal levels. You can place the dehumidifier in any room with mold problems and it will manage to absorb excess moisture from the air so mold won’t enjoy a thriving environment. There are several dehumidifiers to choose from. If you have small humidity problems which mainly result in window condensation, you can opt for a small portable dehumidifier. On the other hand, if mold has spread all over your home and it is threatening to damage all your belongings, we advise you to analyze this Dri eaz 1200 comercial dehumidifer review. This may be a commercial dehumidifier, but it can successfully be used at home, as it is portable and very compact. Due to the fact that it is very powerful, the Dri eaz 1200 will solve all your humidity problems and keep mold from ever appearing in your home again.
How Mold Affects Your Home and How You Can Get Rid of It Picture

Use chlorine to wash out mold

You can use chemical products to destroy mold spores and prevent them from spreading. There are many types of substances you can find in chemical stores but most of them are based on chlorine so you can use regular bleach to get rid of mold. Spray a combination of bleach and water over the moldy area and wait until chlorine breaks down the mold spores and makes them go away.

Combine vinegar and baking soda

If you are allergic to chlorine or you don’t want to use such strong odors in the house, you can try a softer alternative such as vinegar and baking soda. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of these two ingredients fight mold and prevent it from spreading to a wider area. After you spray either solution over the mold, avoid rubbing the surface so you won’t spread mold spores into the air.

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