How to Choose a Quality Smart Door Lock

Nowadays we’re looking for the best systems and mechanisms to better protect ourselves and the houses we live in. There’s no exception when coming to door locks, so choosing a smart door lock may be the change you need to do in order to feel much safer. A smart lock can be described as having three main components which are the locking mechanism, the small motor, and the transceiver. Moreover, what is more interesting about these smart door locks is that they connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and they can receive some basic commands from you. Also, they look very good and they are much safer than the traditional door locks, so here is what you want need to know in order to buy a quality smart door lock.
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Types of Smart Locks

Before you buy a smart lock you have to know which are the options available. Therefore, when we talk about the main types of smart locks we have two of them: deadbolts and doorknobs. Most of the smart locks are deadbolts so you may consider choosing this particular type. Also, you have the option of buying a smart lock that uses a physical key, one that functions with the help of the smartphone or one that does both. Such is the case of the August smart door lock, which uses special electronic keys, but can also be accessed remotely through your smartphone.
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Wireless Technology

Since the smart locks function by communicating with the smartphone, you have to consider which wireless technology suits you better: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or home automation system compatibility. The difference between them is that the Bluetooth connects the smartphone to the lock when you are near the house, the Wi-Fi connects the lock to the home internet so you can easily control it from anywhere, and the home automation system connects the lock with other systems from your home.

Security Standard

This aspect is one of the most important when you consider buying a smart door lock. There are three standard grades of security and durability as established by American organizations so you may want to check the grade before buying a smart door lock. The first one, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, is the highest grade and it means that the lock is very resistant and it’s mostly encountered on commercial locksets. The ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 can be found on residential locks that offer a high grade of protection against the burglars. The lowest standard, ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 means that the lock meets the basic requirements for securing a door. Moreover, the smart door locks have the ability to send mobile alerts whenever they detect any suspicious activity from the inside of the house or when someone tries to force the locks. Furthermore, there are locks with loud sirens that start whenever they notice a break-in and they also you send mobile signals in order to alert the police.
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In order to better choose a smart lock, you have to consider the installation time and how difficult could this be. Usually, there are two types of installation. The first one can be attached to your current deadbolt and the second one is mostly found at the newest smart locks, and it replaces the entire old deadbolt. As a fact, both of the installation types require less than 30 minutes, so you just have to choose the best option for you.

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