Pros and Cons of Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline water is a special type of water with a different structure and various properties in improving the health condition and ensuring a proper hydration. However, it has been widely commented and there are people who believe it’s more of hoax than a certainty. To help you make your own idea about alkaline water, here are some of its pros and cons.


    • Alkaline water is richer in oxygen ions and has smaller water clusters, which is beneficial for the proper hydration of your body. The smaller water clusters in alkaline water ensure it will penetrate deeper into the tissues of your organs so they will enjoy a better hydration. This also results in flushing out the toxins that you have gathered inside your body.

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  • Athletes drink alkaline water because of its ability to energize the body and to increase their endurance during physical activities. The hydration properties of this type of water also result in boosted energy and maximized physical strength that allows people to yield better during their workouts.
  • What makes alkaline water so appreciated is the high pH level that can reach up to 14 compared to regular tap water that only has around 7. It’s believed that the higher the pH, the more it can neutralize your body acid levels, which is the cause of several diseases like diabetes, gastritis, or arthritis.
  • Another positive argument of drinking alkaline water is the dissolved minerals it contains, minerals that allow it to preserve its high pH level. Tap water doesn’t contain dissolved minerals so it can’t help your body absorb them easily. This property of alkaline water makes it beneficial for your bones and joints, which aids in fighting osteoporosis.

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    • The main disadvantage of alkaline water is the price, which is considerably higher than in regular water. You can either buy bottled alkaline water that is very expensive or you can install a water ionizer at home and reduce your costs. This device can turn tap water into alkaline water by running it through a process called electrolysis. This way, you can enjoy alkaline water at home at lower costs.

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  • The fact that the benefits of tap water haven’t been scientifically proven might consist a disadvantage. People believe in the efficiency of alkaline water but none of its properties have been verified through medical tests, so they are mostly considered a placebo effect.
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