Top 3 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single serve coffee makers became very popular among the coffee lovers and they are designed for those who prefer drinking smaller quantities of coffee. They are easy to use and can offer a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want. They use coffee pods to brew the coffee and there are available all sorts of varieties, from coffee to hot-chocolate, milk-based specialties, and even tea. The single serve coffee makers are the perfect choice for any home and you can be sure that your guests love your new acquisition. If you want to know which are the best 3 single serve coffee makers, read the article below.

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Keurig Vue V700 Single Serve Coffee System

The Kwueing Vue V700 is one of the best-selling single serve coffee makers and it can be purchased at the price of $229.99. It brews the coffee in under one minute and you can use cups with eight different sizes. Moreover, the coffee maker has a programmable touchscreen and it provides greater consistency in what concerns the quality of the coffee. Also, an interesting fact is that the word Keurig, which is a Dutch word , means “proper”, making it synonymous with efficiency and high-quality. Furthermore, you can use whatever coffee or tea you like, without having to buy special products.
Top 3 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers Picture

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer

The CBTL Kaldi S04 is another great single serve coffee maker. It’s designed in Italy, using therefore, superior Italian technology, and it delivers tasteful cups of coffee, tea, espresso or hot chocolate. At the touch of one button, the coffee maker will brew the coffee, capturing the right flavor and aroma. Moreover, the producers use the best Arabica beans from Asia Pacific, Latin America, and East Africa. Also, the tea is made from the best plants, so you can be sure that you will drink only high-quality beverages. The price of this single serve coffee maker starts from $149.66 and you can even choose the color to match your décor.
Top 3 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers Picture

Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

This single serve coffee maker is a perfect choice if you want to drink ground coffee, tea pods or bags, K-cups and more. The price of this amazing appliance is $155.99 and you can be sure that it’s one of the best choices. It exhibits durability and performance and although it doesn’t have a water reservoir, the coffee maker gives you the possibility to choose how strong do you want the coffee to be. Also, this single serve coffee maker comes with a cup, ground coffee, a pod and hot water drawers.


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